Fellowship and Scholarship and Other Frameworks

Bilateral Programme

1. Bilateral Programme
At bilateral level, all forms of inputs such as training and study courses, dispatching experts experts and development projects have been extended to other developing countries, aiming to respond our partners’ emerging needs or capacity building and development priorities, in the areas that we have capacity and expertise. To ensure that we are meeting their real needs, TICA has encouraged our partners’ participation at all level of programme management (planning/ implementation/M&E), different mechanisms also have been utilized, such as a need assessment/ planning mission for a programme development to our new partners. 
                        At present, key development activities are, for instance, the on-going capacity building projects in agriculture, health, and education to escalate human well-being and to stimulate economic development, or the tailor-made training programme to echo other developing countries’ needs in human resources development, and these are mainly proposed by our partners.  List of the recent/on-going projects/activities are as follows :
                             (1) South Asia
                                                (1.1) Thailand – Sri Lanka Technical Cooperation Programme (2003 - 2004) to contribute in rehabilitation process of Sri Lanka  
                                                (1.2) Thailand – Bhutan Human Resources Development Programme (between 2005 – 2007)
                                                (1.3) Support to Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage in implementing Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods Development Project in Afghanistan
                             (2) Middle East
                                                (2.1) Thailand – Jordan Technical Cooperation Programme in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and trade and investment under the Framework Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation
                                                (2.2) Training Courses on Community Empowerment for senior/middle-level officials from Iraq, Jordan, and Afghanistan
                             (3) Africa
                                                (3.1) (a) Development of Small Scale Fishery Project (marine capture and fish processing) and (b) Training Course on Gem-cutting in Madagascar 
                                                (3.2) Projects on (a) Rice Production (improvement of production technique) (b) Development of Effective Control Measure on Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Improve the Existing Surveillance and Monitoring System and (c) Development of Small Scale Fishery Project (small scale fishery and aquaculture) in Mozambique
                                                (3.3) Development of Sustainable Agricultural Project between the Kingdom ofLesotho and the Kingdom of Thailand  
                                                (3.4) Training Courses on (a) export promotion and (b) fish aquaculture for Egypt 
                             (4) Central Asia
                                                (4.1) Dispatch of a mission to 3 countries in the CIS (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, andTajikistan) aiming to develop bilateral technical cooperation programmes in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and narcotics control 
                             (5) Latin America
                                                (5.1) Training Programmes in medicine, fisheries, and agriculture (rice production) as the resultes of Thailand – Cuba Joint Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation meetings   
                                                (5.2) Initiative to develop Thailand – Peru Technical Cooperation Programme in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, and tourism