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The Royal Thai Government Scholarships Ex-post Evaluation Questionnaire

The Royal Thai Government Scholarships 
Ex-post Evaluation Questionnaire
This questionnaire is prepared for the Ex-post evaluation of training courses or study visits related to Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) granted by the Government of Thailand, and conducted the survey by Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The purpose of this assessment is to seek the SEP alumni’s views and comments on the courses/study visits and ideas on the induction of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in practice and in the way of living. The questionnaire is divided into four steps: 
     PART I.   Background of alumni
     PART II.  Evaluation of getting training courses/study visits related to SEP
     PART III. Induction of SEP into practice and
     PART VI. Other comments
We thank you for taking time to complete this Evaluation Questionnaire and your straight views/comments as well as suggestions will be of much value to our future implementation of the courses or study visits related to sustainable development. 
After filling up the questionnaire, please return it back to:  and not later than 15 May 2017.

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