Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What is TiCA

What is TICA
       Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) was established on 19 October 2004 by a Royal Decree to serve the Royal Thai Government as a focal agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand in administrating international development cooperations. 
       TICA is principally responsible for the implementation of Thailand’s development cooperation programmes in neighbouring countries in particular as well as other regions of the world. There are various forms of cooperation,such as the development projects, volunteer and expert programmes,fellowships,scholarships and training programmes.
Scope of Work
       - To formulate international cooperation plan, study and analysis on cooperation policy including implementation, follow-up and evaluation of technical cooperation projects.
       - To administer development cooperation programmes provided to developing countries according to foreign policy of the Royal Thai Government.
       - To cooperate with various development partners including foreign governments and international organizations to formulate,implement, and assess technical cooperation projects/programmes under bilateral and multilateral frameworks
       - To administer fellowships and scholarships offered to developing countries for human resources development in public and private sectors as well as civil society.
       - To coordinate international development cooperation
       - To disseminate information regarding development cooperation to government agencies concerned and international organizations.
The Roles of TICA
      1. TICA promotes South-South cooperation and North – South – South cooperation under partnership programmes with other donor countries including non-government organizations and international agencies for development cooperation in developing countries in various regions.
      2. TICA administers Thai international development cooperation projects including the award of more than 1,500 fellowships per year to developing countries.
      3. TICA administers Thai international volunteer and expert programmes.
      4. TICA provides funding support to Thai government agencies and private organizations in organizing training courses for developing countries.
      5. TICA provides logistical services for foreign recipients of Thai scholarships and fellowships.
      6. TICA advises its external cooperating partners about the kinds of educational opportunities in Thailand, and encourages them to screen potential candidates for study in Thailand.
      7. TICA procures and keeps track of materials and supplies for various technical cooperation projects. 
      8. TICA provides tax clearances, visa extensions and ID cards for eligible foreign experts, volunteers and accreditted NGO staff in Thailand.