Event / Activity (DG,DDG) : TICA  has conducted a study visit for Tongan delegation. News

Event / Activity (DG,DDG) : TICA has conducted a study visit for Tongan delegation.

On 28 April 2019 Tongan delegation led by His Royal Highness Prince Ata visited the Inthanon Royal Agricultural Station in order to learn our Late King's successful holistic development initiative on eliminating slash-and-burn agriculture and opium cultivation in highlands of Thailand. The delegation were welcomed by Chief of station, Mr. Chatuporn Parame and led to Kmong and Karen communities at Ban Ang and Nong Loum Villages.

At villages, the Tongan delegation witnessed the development model where the hill tribe farmers have been introduced to grow organic vegetables , Flower and Ornamental Plants ,Hydroponics Vegetables and temperate fruits and vegetables with appropriate farming method. The farmers have also been attached with occupational skills. Now, they earn more income and have better quality of life. Most important of all, they no longer grow opium on their land.

The delegation thanked the Head of the research station acknowledging the efforts of the late in uplifting the livelihood of his people in the rural areas. The delegation recognized that this model can be adopted and adapted to suit Tonga's situation.