Theme: other topics related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Annual International Training Course

Theme: other topics related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Partnership is truly a key to our shared sustainable future
In 2015, countries have adopted Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, a set of visions of how we would like the world to be in 2030. Each goal is designed to address specific challenges that by nature have no boundaries. Therefore, in order to realize them all, everyone needs to do their parts. We believe that all goals can be achieved through development cooperation, be it a government or private, or capacity building or human resources development. 
Through the Annual International Training Course and Thailand International Postgraduate Programme, TICA believes that we are doing our part to deliver Thailand’s contribution to a sustainable future. 

Forest-based Eco-tourism Management in Thailand

Sustainable Community-Based Ecotourism Development
Learning Program on Gender Equality and Women empowerment Sharing Good Practiced and Experiences of Thailand