Theme: Public Health Annual International Training Course

Theme: Public Health

Improved quality and inclusive healthcare system are keys to ensure healthy society.
Health is a very important component for economic and social development, national security, regional and global stability. In the post 2015 context, health has been increasingly recognized as a key contributor in development as good health is one of the fundamental building block of society and sustainable development.  Thailand’s development foundation lies on improved quality and inclusive healthcare targeting all sectors of the society, including the promotion of primary health care, community health care system and health protection from diseases. 
The AITC courses under the theme “Public Health” offer training experience on current and future health challenges, such as Antimicrobial Resistance treatments, HIV/AIDs, Universal Health Coverage, One Health and Community Health Management, as Thailand aim to contribute to global effort in achieving Goal 3 as well as other health-related targets of the SDGs.