Our Cooperation

Partnership Countries : Germany

The Trilateral Cooperation Projects have been conducted in the following countries:
1)  Lao-Thai-German-Trilateral Cooperation Lao PDR:
     1.1 Paper Mulberry Supply Chain Project (2012-2013)
Paper Mulberry value chain in Northern Thailand and Lao PDR is enhanced through the upgrading of the paper mulberry supply chain and the increase of Lao share in the value chain 
      1.2 Strengthening National GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Project (2012-2014)
            Through functioning national GAP system (Lao GAP), the competitiveness of Lao farmers and small holders in fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the pilot areas has increased and met the market demand of GAP certified products.
      1.3 Nam Xong Sub-River Basin Management (2012-2014)
            Water resources management in Nam Xong sub-river basin is improved through the strengthening and coordination of local authorities and community representatives as well as practical water protection regulations and technical solutions for the community
      1.4 Support to Financial Audit for the State Audit Organization of Lao PDR (2017-2018)
            The objective is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the financial audit performance of SAO Lao to meet ISSAI standard
2) Vietnam-Thai-German Trilateral Cooperation in Vietnam:
      2.1 Advanced Technical Services for SMEs in Selected Industrial Sectors of Vietnam Project (2010-2012)
Improved and qualified services in the areas of materials testing and failure analysis for the industry in Vietnam are extended to SMEs in the production areas of sugar mills, paper mills and automotive metallic parts producers, resulted in their increased productivity and competitiveness.
     2.2 Strengthening Cooperatives and SMEs in Central Vietnam Project (2013-2015)
Improved performances and income of the cooperatives/SMEs in Central Region of Vietnam through effective cooperative promotion system with strengthened structure and human resources.
3) Timorese-Thai-German Trilateral Cooperation in Timor-Leste
     3.1 Sufficiency Economy and Business Promotion in the Agricultural Sector Project (2016-2017)
     The objective is to improve income in selected rural communities through higher agricultural productivity and commercial businesses.
For more information please find publications and supporting documents at http://ticakm.mfa.go.th/frontend/wiki/id/680 or http://www.thai-german-cooperation.info/project/content/18