Our Cooperation

Partnership Countries : France

Partnership with France
              Thailand and France signed Plan d’ Action on 25 May 2004 to extend trilateral cooperation. On 21 June 2010, the two countries signed the second Plan d’ Action (2010-2016) in which the trilateral cooperation has been extended to cover the Mekong sub-region and Africa. Basically, the two countries agree on 3 areas of cooperation which are education/vocational training, agriculture and fishery, and public health (focusing on HIV/AIDS, 
Malaria, Tuberculosis, and other contagious diseases).
Thailand and France have implemented a number of activities during 2010-2011 as follows:
              1) Royal Golden Jubilee Scholarship in coordination with the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) given to CLMV countries under 5-year agreement
              2) Cambodian Small Farmer’s Rubber Plantation Development Project
              3) Northern Cambodia’s Fruit Development Center Project
              4) Training courses on Food Safety at Thai-French Innovation Center;
              5) The Project of Finding Possibility on the Construction of the Nalanda-Vientiane Railway.
              In the future, the cooperation may extend to the transportation, satellite/space technology, drugs, and micro-credit.