Our Cooperation

Partnership Countries : Germany

Partnership with Germany

Thailand and Germany have signed the Memorandum of Understanding  on Joint Development Cooperatiojn with Third Countries through partnership progammes.
The cooperation covers the following areas:

1) Education/vocational Education
2) Rural development
3)  Health

 The Trilateral cooperation has been conducted in following countries:

1)  Thai-German-Trilaeral Cooperation Lao PDR:

1.1 Upgrading the Paper Mulberry Supply Chain to Enhance Rural Cross-Border Economies in Northen Thailand and Lao PDR,

1.2 Strengthening National  GAP Project

1..3 Nam Xong Sub-River Basin Management


2) Vietnam-Thai-German  in Vietnam:

2.1 Advanced Technical Services for SME in selected Industrial Sectors of Vietnam of Production Efficiency Project

2.2 Strengthening Cooperatives and SMEs in Control Vietname

3)  Cambodia : Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in the Land Transport Sector.

3.1 Rural Sanitation Improvement and Hygine Promotion Project)

Thai-German-Asean Cooperation

1) Clean Air for Smaller Cities in Asean Region.

2) Sustainable Port Development in the Asean Region.